Our last morning of living in the van we recreated the first picture taken of us with the van, which you can see our very first post, "Ready...Set...Go".

Finally, I am ready to write the post about the final stop on our 9+ month van-traveling adventure. It is very, very late in coming, but as I mentioned before, it is hard to recap those final few stops. But today (December 23rd), we are once again in the van, parked in a National Forest, Read More →

Portland is known as the City of Roses, in part due to the International Rose Test Garden, where this early bloom was on display.

Our last few urban stops were short and stressful due to the difficulty of finding overnight parking, but we needed to make sure our visit to Portland was under better circumstances so we could give it a fair evaluation as a place we might call home. By appealing to our network of friends via Facebook, Read More →

Sunset over boat between jetties.

Immediately upon entering Oregon, we found a different culture. A family spending a sunny afternoon playing at the beach had a bucket to pick up trash and leave the shore cleaner than they found it. A man walking on the side of Highway 101 also appeared to have a bag of collected trash. A simple Read More →

Looking up into the redwood canopy to the top of some of the world’s tallest trees.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth during the Jurassic Period 150 million years ago, a group of conifers thrived in forests covering what is today Europe, Asia and North America. As the climate became cooler and drier, these conifers were restricted to just three geographic regions and the three redwood species we know today evolved from Read More →

Salamander in the grass near our campsite at the Giant Redwoods RV & Camp. At first I thought it was a snake, then it ran away on very short legs...I snapped a photo and later a little searching revealed to me that it is a salamander.

Our “short” detour off Highway 101 to California’s Lost Coast turned into a full week of exploring the Lost Coast and King’s Range, staying for free in primitive campsites and at trailheads. After this week of privative accommodations we were low on food and water and had been out of contact with the outside world Read More →

Lena the van along with our current dwelling unit, my Opa's large Winnebago.

As many of you know, we have been relatively stationary for a few months now. I have comprehensive notes about the amazing places we stayed at the end of the trip, and so many pictures to share with you. Something has prevented me from finishing writing about our experiences to share them with you on this blog. Read More →

The van approaching a stream crossing.

After inspecting the seashore from the town nestled in the middle of California’s Lost Coast, it was time to explore the mountains that rise up from the coast. These mountains are the reason that this stretch of prime waterfront land is “lost” (to development). From Shelter Cove we drove up the winding mountain road that I Read More →