After much preparation we are finally on the road! We promise to provide more details soon on the modifications and repairs that we have been up to for the past month.


Odometer reading at the start of our journey.

Driving into the sunrise.

Driving into the sunrise.

6 Thoughts on “Finally on the Road!

  1. Hooray!! Travel safely. 🙂

  2. Yaaaay! How exciting

  3. Woohoo! Off into the wild blue yonder! Love the Odometer photo. Which direction are you heading?

  4. May the sun shine bright on your panels. Happy trails!

  5. I wonder if we could rendezvous with you guys when you pass through… might be difficult to time, but would be fun if it worked out! When you know better when you’ll be withing a few hours of the city, would you let me know? Your pictures and stories have been great so far – thanks for sharing the adventure!

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