John had never been to Boston and wanted to go; being so close while in the White Mountains we decided to pay a visit to “The Walking City”. Boston is compact and very walkable; according to the Wikipedia entry, it has the highest percentage of pedestrian commuters in the US. So of course, we walked!

We first drove to the Boston Common, where we planned to start the Freedom Trail. Parking there was tight, so we decided to drive to the REI, which has a parking lot and was holding a jacket I had ordered. We decided to leave the van there while we toured.

Our home in the REI parking lot.

Our home in the REI parking lot.

After taking “The T” back to the Common, we grabbed a sandwich in the park than headed out on the trail. The Freedom Trail is literally a trail through downtown Boston – we followed a red striped route passed several historic sites. We visited a couple graveyards, examining the tombstones until we could find one from the 17th century, and read about revolutionary activities that stirred in one of America’s oldest cities. John refused to pose with the Paul Revere monument near the end of the trail, so instead he posed with St. Francis at the Old North Church.

John with Saint Francis of Assisi.

John with Saint Francis of Assisi.

We treated ourselves to cannolis from Mike’s Pastry shop, because eating here was recommended by multiple people in my request for advice on what to do in Boston.

Enjoying a chocolate riccotta cannoli on a stoop.

Enjoying a chocolate ricotta cannoli on a stoop.

After the Freedom Trail, we played a game of chess in a park, then went out for dinner (something we do not do very often).

We started the next day with breakfast and great coffee at Pavement Coffeehouse. From there, we walked to Cambridge to explore a new area, before heading out of the city for more relaxing scenery.

[John here:  It’s weird … the cities are beginning to all ‘feel’ the same.  There’s the hustle and bustle, the transit system, the parks, colleges, diversity.  Boston was nice and probably a fun place to live, but I’ve been really enjoying the freedom we have had outside of the cities.  Parking is easier, our food is cheaper, and arguably better (If you didn’t know, Heidi is a fantastic cook!) and the pace is more relaxed.  Anyway, I’m glad we went to Boston, but I’m looking forward to the next forest. ]

We took a break from walking on this chair in front of a fraternity.

We took a break from walking on this chair in front of a fraternity.

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  1. Pat Jones on January 5, 2014 at 9:05 pm said:

    I really like your parking spot in the REI lot, but I got the sense that you were spying on your own van from atop that bit of berm.

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