Kansas City is an appropriate stopping point in our trek westward, which I previously analogized to pioneers moving to the new frontier. Independence, MO, a satellite city of Kansas City, was a jumping off point for the major Westward Expansion Trails of the mid-19th century: Oregon Trail, California Trail and Santa Fe Trail. Really we stopped here to Read More →

We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to embark on this amazing trip, and for all of our family and friends who are supportive of our decision to take this time to travel. We are also thankful to you for reading and commenting on our Read More →

From Chicago we headed southwest toward Kansas City to visit more friends of mine. We avoided interstates because the scenery is monotonous and opted instead for small state routes. Driving through Illinois was enlightening for me. I read a lot about food production, in particular about the benefits of crop diversity and rotation over monocultures. Read More →

We drove into Chicago on a stormy day (November 11th, incase you are wondering). We stopped for a break at a rest area, which happened to be the Indiana Welcome Center. Even though we didn’t spend any time in the state, we decided to take a quick superwoman picture. We stopped in Chicago because John Read More →

Preface: This post is a little outdated. I wrote it nearly two weeks ago, but just got to the point of putting in pictures and publishing it. I am sorry about the wait! FYI, the events take place  November 8-11. From Niagara Falls, we headed west through Canada, crossing the border only to travel north Read More →

From Rochester we headed west to see Niagara Falls.  John had just driven by them twice, on the way to and from Toronto with his friend Ken, but he was willing to go again so I could see the giant waterfalls. Ten years in New York and I had never seen the famous river on Read More →

Today is a special date. Yes, it is 11-12-13, which apparently makes it a very popular wedding date, but for us the date is important for a different reason. We set out from Florida on this road adventure exactly three months ago, on August 12. Prior to setting out, we “pinky swore” to each other Read More →

My good friend Morgan has been one of the biggest influences in my culinary life. I met Morgan when we started grad school in Manhattan ten years ago. At the time, I had only just begun the transition from eating prepared and processed foods to cooking for myself. I was just learning about vegetables – Read More →

As I mentioned previously, we took our time heading west from Boston because we were scheduled to visit a friend of mine in Rochester, NY. I’ve known Morgan for 10 years now, since we started grad school together. She just finished medical school and started a residency program, so she is a busy woman. I Read More →