We had a wonderful Christmas in Austin, TX. Heidi made delicious cookies this morning and surprised me with a Christmas stocking she had knit. One side reads “JOHN” and the other, “SUGAR LOAF”. It was stuffed with gummy candies and beef jerky!  She had secretly worked on it every morning over the last week, getting up early while I still slept, and stashing it before I fully woke up. Heidi’s not great at surprises, but she totally got me this time! 🙂

We spent the afternoon hanging out with RV friends Ralph and Helen who we met last week at a New Orleans campground. We’re a bit behind on the blog, and we’ll update you on New Orleans soon. [Heidi here: I’ve been spending all my blog-writing time furiously knitting the surprise stocking for John…now that the surprise is delivered, I can get back to the writing! 🙂 ]

The van also received a Christmas present: A much needed wash and wax, plus interior cleaning with a bonus oil change planned for tomorrow.

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and great day with family and friends.



Heidi and I in front of Upper McKinney Falls.


Awesome homemade sock! Gummy bears and gummy brain placed on sock for scale.


Back of awesome sock!

A "Happy Camper" after its first wash in four months.

A “Happy Camper” after its first wash in four months.

6 Thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas to you both! Ramon and I were hoping that we might get a call from you to say hi. We talked about you at our Christmas Eve dinner/drinking/gameplaying. Just know that you were thought about and good wishes were sent your way. Today we went to go see Wolf of Wall Street. It’s pretty creepy so don’t spend your money. We saw the hobbit on Sunday and it was pretty good. We are also going to see phelomena this week and 47 Ronin. Other than that I have Tech Man Ramon fixing a lot of things. Ramon is going to install lights under my kitchen cabinets that are more updated. He talked at length about John putting lights in the van and how hard it was to get it the way he wanted it. We miss you both.

  2. Heidi that is an amazing sock that you knit. I never was able to knit socks though I made a few sweaters. Thank you so much for that Christmas card. Did you send that one on purpose? I ask because I am Polish and the recipe on the back was for shrimp perogies!

    • Thanks, Rita! I’m impressed that you made sweaters! I am still working on my first sock; the stocking was much easier because the yarn was thicker.

      The pirogi recipe is a happy coincidence; we choose the cards that were the least kitschy. Are you going to try it?

  3. We had so much fun spending time with you two this afternoon. And yeah, Heidi’s cookies are remarkably scrumptious—can’t have just one. Thanks for making our Xmas merrier! Helen + Ralph

    PS: awesome sock!

  4. Patricia Lehne on December 26, 2013 at 6:45 pm said:

    The sock is Great, it’s so neat. I like the decorations on it. That was so sweet of you Heidi. Glad you had a nice Christmas. Love Ya

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