Many people have recommended Joshua Tree National Park to visit, so we drove here from Flagstaff. The 340 mile drive was the longest we have driven in a day in months. It was tiring but we made it to nearest campground just as the rangers were closing up. By this point in our trip we Read More →

Flagstaff has a walkable downtown area full of restaurants, brew pubs and independent stores. Just before picking up Patricia at the train station at the center of this area we stopped by a speciality beer store to pick out some treats. As we drove into the beer store parking lot, we noticed a bike store Read More →

After backpacking to the river and back, we stayed at Mather Campground in the park a little longer to regroup and see the last few sights we had yet to see. An entire village resides in the park, complete with grocery store and a branch of the state library, so we didn’t need to leave Read More →

The word Colorado is derived form the Spanish word for “reddish”, and was applied to the river that ran red-brown as it carried loads of sediment from eroding canyons along its route. Since the Glen Canyon Dam was erected to form Lake Powell, the river rarely runs its natural reddish-brown color and is usually clear Read More →

Nearly two billion years of Earth’s history are contained in the layers of rocks in the Grand Canyon. Gazing down into this vast chasm I had occasion to ponder the timescale of the canyon and of the planet. To better understand that timescale, to understand the changes that are recorded in those rocks dating back Read More →