As many of you know, we have been relatively stationary for a few months now. I have comprehensive notes about the amazing places we stayed at the end of the trip, and so many pictures to share with you. Something has prevented me from finishing writing about our experiences to share them with you on this blog. Most likely, that something was a reluctance to admit that the trip had come to an end. But with autumn upon us and our job searches in full swing, there is no denying it – we have paused the travels and are working to settle into a new, more conventional (i.e. stationary) life once again.

My intention is to continue this blog to record our future travels, even if those travels are less frequent and our tagline “Changing the status quo for a life on the go” is not entirely true. But even before I get to those future travels, I do still have more to share with you about the end of our trip! And I am working on it! I will continue writing posts for Status Go. I have not been backdating them because I think that makes it confusing as to what is new, but I have been noting the dates of the experience at the bottom of the post.

We really appreciate that you have been following along with our adventures through reading this blog. And we are grateful for the support of our friends and family in this escapade. The opportunity to travel the US for the last year, to see so many parts of this huge country that we otherwise would not have visited, has been spectacular. We visited 27 states, 40 state parks, 17 national parks, a couple dozen cities and countless other notable sites, visiting family and friends all along the way. We hiked hundreds of miles through forests, deserts and prairies. We learned about animals, ecosystems and geology in a variety of landscapes. I have never in my life been so aware of the cycle of the moon. Words cannot express the profound effect this experience has had on me, or how grateful I am that I was able to take the time and travel for a year.

But for now, our travels have ceased. Or at least become limited. We are stationary aside from short local trips to see friends and family or explore the mountains around our current home in Portland, OR. We also have more room to spread out, thanks to my Opa (grandfather) who lent us his large RV to stay in until we get settled.

Again, thank you for reading. There should be some more posts coming up, about the last month of our travels, our summer with my family and friends in the Pacific Northwest, and our adventures around our new home.

Lena the van along with our current dwelling unit, my Opa's large Winnebago.

Lena the van along with our current dwelling unit, my Opa’s large Winnebago.


4 Thoughts on “Status: Pause

  1. We’ll be passing through Portland on our way to B.C. sometime around mid-March 2015 and would love to stop in and catch up if you’re still around then!

    Frank & Julie

  2. John and Heidi,
    Oh, oh, this means I am not going to see all kinds of unusual areas and little beings that have been fascinating to find out about. Sad face. I hope you are going to keep Lena around for some future adventuring – when I first saw her next to the large RV I thought it was a pic of her on the RV-for-sale lot. Sadder face. I’ll look forward to any future adventures you share. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,

      Sadly you’re right, at least for a little while. Lena will remain with us for a bit until we get settled. I feel we never really own anything in this life, it’s just in our possession for a small amount of time on this earth. Like many things in our lives Lena will be passed on, hopefully to someone or someones who are as excited and eager to travel as we are. Lena will be given new breath of life, and her sprit will carry on, bring her inhabitants many more adventures and ear to ear smiles.

      As for us, I’m a bit sad… but more importantly excited about our new location and the adventures we’ll have forming new friendships and getting to know our new city and state. With time (and savings! 🙂 ) we’ll continue to explore the remaining 20+ states we didn’t have the opportunity to visit on this trip.

      Thanks for being a loyal follower.

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