About Us

Us: We are a great team and there’s not much we can’t do with our powers combined! Heidi’s smarts and drive paired with John’s fun factor and optimism makes for some amazing experiences together. We’re looking forward to visiting friends and family on the road while exploring the great outdoors… and stopping at silly roadside attractions (biggest ball of twine and banana museum, here we come!). We’ll likely end up in the West somewhere after ‘testing’ a few locations with our teeny tiny home on wheels.

Him: Silly, fun, positive, mischievous, curious, giving, and a free spirit. Loves bikes, technology, and revels in ‘bending’ the rules. Going on the trip to break away from the corporate world for awhile, simplify, and leave the stresses of work behind.  Provides optimism, lots of handy know-how, and can make just about anything fun. He’ll probably do most of the driving and locating of stealth camping spots.

Her: Logical, adventurous, outdoorsy, smart and independent. Loves trees, camping, hiking, nature and cooking fresh, local vegetables. Going on the trip to visit mountains, canyons and friends all around the US while making her way to where she’s always wanted to settle down. Provides the logic behind things, camping know-how and wiring diagrams. She will be chef, locator of legal camping spots, and will do her best to keep him in line.

How it began

They met on May 5, 2012 for a bike ride in Prospect Park. Almost immediately, John began making inappropriate jokes and Heidi knew that this was someone she could be herself around. Heidi had designs to spend a summer walking a quarter of the Appalachian trail followed by a train trip across the country visiting her scattered friends. John was planning an experiment of a simple life, exploring different cities while living in an RV. They married their plans and set out to launch this adventure together.

About the RV

“Feels like a cool fort (like when you were a kid) on wheels.” – John

  • RV is a misnomer; our home is a brown, tan and black conversion van (i.e., it was built to be a cargo van).

  • The living space is all of 100 sq ft, bed and bathroom included.

  • A 5 cylinder diesel engine makes for an efficient way to move such a large vehicle (up to 24 mpg on our trial voyage!).

  • Three solar panels and two huge batteries will allow us to go off grid for days at a time, while still using our laptops, lighting our home, and using our micro-oven.





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    A very nice misnomer, for a good look see.

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