A reader asked to hear more about what our daily life is like. In response, we documented the major points in our everyday van living to present to you. This first post will introduce you to various aspects of the van to provide context; tomorrow’s post will document a typical day and a third part Read More →

We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to embark on this amazing trip, and for all of our family and friends who are supportive of our decision to take this time to travel. We are also thankful to you for reading and commenting on our Read More →

Today is a special date. Yes, it is 11-12-13, which apparently makes it a very popular wedding date, but for us the date is important for a different reason. We set out from Florida on this road adventure exactly three months ago, on August 12. Prior to setting out, we “pinky swore” to each other Read More →

Day 1: Aug 12, 2013 After a month of modifying and servicing our campervan, we finally set out from John’s mom’s house on the morning of Monday, August 12. After our goodbyes to John’s mom Patricia and her kitty Sweetie, we drove off into the sunrise. Our first planned stop was the nearest Sugarloaf Mountain. Read More →

We are preparing to begin our journey, leaving New York City for an adventure traveling and living in a campervan. Our goal is to explore the US and visit friends scattered across the country on the way to a new life in the west. Just like the pioneers, except with all the conveniences of the Read More →