Austin is home to a packaging-free grocery store,  In.gredients, that I read about on one of the environmental blogs I follow. This was our first stop in the city to stock up on bulk goods in addition to the fresh veggies we picked up in the morning at a great farmers’ market in Bastrop. From there, we parked Read More →

Texas is a huge state, and we need to drive through the entire width of it to travel from New Orleans to Arizona, where we plan to wait out the worst of winter. I have been nervous about this trek since I realized our trajectory. I knew very little about Texas prior to entering the Read More →

We arrived in New Orleans a couple weekends before Christmas. Before arriving, we decided to stay at a KOA just outside the city because we were not sure what the parking situation would be like in the city (once there we realized that stealth camping would have been easy) . We had a great time Read More →

Kansas City is an appropriate stopping point in our trek westward, which I previously analogized to pioneers moving to the new frontier. Independence, MO, a satellite city of Kansas City, was a jumping off point for the major Westward Expansion Trails of the mid-19th century: Oregon Trail, California Trail and Santa Fe Trail. Really we stopped here to Read More →

We drove into Chicago on a stormy day (November 11th, incase you are wondering). We stopped for a break at a rest area, which happened to be the Indiana Welcome Center. Even though we didn’t spend any time in the state, we decided to take a quick superwoman picture. We stopped in Chicago because John Read More →

As I mentioned previously, we took our time heading west from Boston because we were scheduled to visit a friend of mine in Rochester, NY. I’ve known Morgan for 10 years now, since we started grad school together. She just finished medical school and started a residency program, so she is a busy woman. I Read More →

After apple picking, John tracked down one campground that was still open, Waterloo Harbor Campground. Growing tired after stealth camping for most of the past week, we were happy to find a campground to relax in. I was extra pleased when I realized we were headed to the Finger Lakes region of New York State. In Read More →

I suggested to John that since we were in Maine, we should drive to the coast and eat lobster. Because that’s what you do in Maine. He agreed, so I suggested Bar Harbor. I knew nothing about Bar Harbor, but the name was in my mind as a famous tourist destination on the coast of Read More →

For those of you that are hikers, you know of the White Mountains  as a stellar hiking destination, but you probably have no idea that there is a great bike path through Franconia Notch. On our way from Vermont to Maine, we stopped over in the Whites to take advantage of an unseasonably warm and Read More →

We arrived at my friends’ Zoya and Jules’s Brooklyn apartment on Friday evening after our long drive from Shenendoah. John was excited about the possibility of sleeping in the van parked on the streets of NYC – a proposition that doesn’t appeal to me in the least, so I had arranged to stay with Zoya Read More →