As I mentioned previously, we took our time heading west from Boston because we were scheduled to visit a friend of mine in Rochester, NY. I’ve known Morgan for 10 years now, since we started grad school together. She just finished medical school and started a residency program, so she is a busy woman. I Read More →

John had never been to Boston and wanted to go; being so close while in the White Mountains we decided to pay a visit to “The Walking City”. Boston is compact and very walkable; according to the Wikipedia entry, it has the highest percentage of pedestrian commuters in the US. So of course, we walked! We Read More →

We arrived at my friends’ Zoya and Jules’s Brooklyn apartment on Friday evening after our long drive from Shenendoah. John was excited about the possibility of sleeping in the van parked on the streets of NYC – a proposition that doesn’t appeal to me in the least, so I had arranged to stay with Zoya Read More →

We left the trailhead near the Art Loeb trail to drive to Charlottesville, Virginia where John’s Uncle Rich lives. This was a long drive to make straight through. We initially set out to take the Blue Ridge Parkway a majority of the way, but the fog didn’t allow for any views and the curvy mountain road was Read More →