I finally managed to sort through all the photos we’ve taken since arriving in Florida, and I wanted to share a couple of highlights from our time in Florida before leaving on our trip. We were delayed due to the time it took for the service center to get parts for the RV (first a Read More →

Day 1: Aug 12, 2013 After a month of modifying and servicing our campervan, we finally set out from John’s mom’s house on the morning of Monday, August 12. After our goodbyes to John’s mom Patricia and her kitty Sweetie, we drove off into the sunrise. Our first planned stop was the nearest Sugarloaf Mountain. Read More →

In John’s last post, he talked about our trip to Silver River State Park with his family. On the last day, while John accompanied his nephew to pick up the canoe (and paddlers) from the boat launch downriver (a better solution than walking it back out 1.2 mi from the river with the crazy bicycle Read More →

Several days ago we spent the weekend with my immediate family at Silver Springs State Park where 550 Million gallons of water per day come out of the spring formation!  Although it rained most of the weekend except for several hours each morning, we took advantage of  the few hours of clear skies we had. On the Read More →

To simplify sharing expenses now that we are living together, John and I decided to open a joint checking account. The visit to the bank was the last of a morning full of errands, so we thought that we had earned a day at the beach (we hadn’t been swimming at all this week we’ve Read More →

We’ve been in Florida for nearly a week now, camping out in John’s sister’s driveway while preparing the RV for life on the road. In between stops at Home Depot (part of our current daily ritual), the metal supply shop, grocery markets and other stores for supplies, we have had chance to see some Florida Read More →