From Rochester we headed west to see Niagara Falls.  John had just driven by them twice, on the way to and from Toronto with his friend Ken, but he was willing to go again so I could see the giant waterfalls. Ten years in New York and I had never seen the famous river on Read More →

My good friend Morgan has been one of the biggest influences in my culinary life. I met Morgan when we started grad school in Manhattan ten years ago. At the time, I had only just begun the transition from eating prepared and processed foods to cooking for myself. I was just learning about vegetables – Read More →

As I mentioned previously, we took our time heading west from Boston because we were scheduled to visit a friend of mine in Rochester, NY. I’ve known Morgan for 10 years now, since we started grad school together. She just finished medical school and started a residency program, so she is a busy woman. I Read More →

After apple picking, John tracked down one campground that was still open, Waterloo Harbor Campground. Growing tired after stealth camping for most of the past week, we were happy to find a campground to relax in. I was extra pleased when I realized we were headed to the Finger Lakes region of New York State. In Read More →

We have been looking forward to apple picking since fall set in, and now that we are back in New York State, it was time to go. New York is the second greatest apple producing state after Washington. I didn’t eat a lot of apples growing up in Washington, but now I eat pretty much Read More →

We arrived at my friends’ Zoya and Jules’s Brooklyn apartment on Friday evening after our long drive from Shenendoah. John was excited about the possibility of sleeping in the van parked on the streets of NYC – a proposition that doesn’t appeal to me in the least, so I had arranged to stay with Zoya Read More →